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1/4" Welting/Piping/Cording Foot (The Featherweight Shop)

Perfect for making piping - easily!  This is a 1/4" foot.

  1. Cut bias strip long enough for cord and wide enough to cover cord plus seam allowance.
  2. Place cord on wrong side of bias fabric strip and wrap strip around cord.
  3. Place fabric and cord under presser foot with cord under groove of foot and raw edges to right.
  4. Stitch to cover cording with fabric.
  5. Trim seam allowance.
  6. To stitch covered welt cord into a seam, place on right side of fabric along seam line. Place under Welting Foot with welt cord in groove of foot. Stitch to fabric. Clip seam allowance of welt cord at curves and corners.

LOW SHANK (ONLY):  fits the Singer Featherweight 221, 222K and all low, vertical shank Sewing Machines (i.e. 15, 27, 28, 66, 99, 185, 127, 128, 192, 201, 206, 237, 306, 319, 320, 328, as well as many other brands besides Singer)