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Needle Threader (The Featherweight Shop)

We are so excited to now offer the Super Easy Machine Needle Threader for your Singer Featherweight.  This will work on ALL household sewing machines, too, but we are partial to our Featherweights, aren't we?!  

As an added bonus, it is not only helpful as a needle threader, but it easily inserts the needle, too!  Truly, this gadget is fantastic!

Colors change with the seasons sometimes, so when we order them the color assortment is always a surprise for us.  Therefore, we will have to surprise you as well!  :)

Needle insertion may vary with machine model depending on the machine requirement for the flat side of the needle.  Be sure to turn the tool as needed for correct needle insertion.  (i.e. The flat side of the needle faces LEFT on a Singer Featherweight, but on newer machine models the flat side of the needle usually faces towards the back.)