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Thread-O-Stat/Blue (The Featherweight Shop)

It isn't a matter of "if" you get a thread caught behind the bobbin case, but "when"... and having the right tool to remove it when that happens will ease any frustration and get you back to sewing in no time!  (You'll impress your quilting friends, too!) 

The all-metal, Thread-O-Stat Thread Grabber has a smooth jaw, so the thread is gripped tightly and securely as you clamp the handles together. Unlike a typical "hemostat" which has a toothed or jagged jaw (preventing a firm grip), the Thread-O-Stat is more like tweezers, only better!  You will be able to grab a hold of that little thread as you take the proper steps to remove it and the Thread-O-Stat won't let go!  The Thread-O-Stat is also quite helpful for removing paper from the back of your paper-piecing projects, or turning things right side out, whatever you need to grab in a tight spot - an all around handy tool to have in your sewing room!

And!... you won't have to worry about this tool getting "lost" in hubby's toolbox because it will be easily recognizable with it's happy color of blue or and a little Featherweight stamped on the side. Please note the thread-o-stats will have unique variations of color due to the nature of the slight iridescent hue.