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Luminary Glow-in-the-Dark Embroidery Thread/Pink (700 yds)

Just few minutes of being exposed to light & the beautiful pastel colors glow powerfully in the dark for up to eight hours.
The glowing effect is diminished after each wash, ironing & dry-cleaning session. Luminary has successfully passed 50 wash tests while still retaining some of its glowing power.
To sew with Luminary glow in the dark embroidery thread, we suggest you slow your machine down and use a size 12 needle. Lubricating your thread with a non-staining silicone spray or sewers aid will also help.
Washing Instructions:
Ironing Temperature – Maximum Temperature should be no higher than 176 degrees F.
Steam Ironing – This can also affect the ability to glow. Dry ironing is strongly recommended.
Bleaching – Do not use bleach when washing garments sewn with Luminary.
Water Temperature for washing should be no hotter than 104 degrees F.

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